Wednesday, November 25, 2009

December 2nd, 7-9 pm, meeting hosted by W.A.G.E.

Welcome to the next Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner gathering on December 2nd between 7-9 pm. The meeting is hosted by W.A.G.E.

W.A.G.E. is an activist group of artists, art workers, performers and independent curators fighting to get paid for making the world more interesting. Organizers A.K. Burns, K8 Hardy and A.L. Steiner will be holding an open teach-in and consciousness-raising that will lead to a fruitful, fruity discussion of these issues. Please come join us in sharing and learning from our collective experiences.

This occasion is open to 20 participants and you need to RSVP to to be able to join, please do so before Dec. 1st at noon.

Friday, November 6, 2009

November 25th, 7-9 pm, meeting hosted by Malmoe Free University for Women and Katerina Llanes

"We want to have a hands-on discussion on organizing and how to engage collectives in a political direction. Together we will share attempts we have made - failures and successes - to make people act collectively. Let us join forces and expand the network of experiences!"

Each NPBIAC occasion is open to 20 participants, RSVP is necessary (send an email to: All activities are free.