Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Next meeting January 20th, 7-9 pm - New Feminist Economy

A warm welcome to the next NPBIAC gathering, Wednesday, January 20, 7-9 pm, focusing on New Feminist Economy

"if i had a hammer i would smash patriarchy."

If first-wave feminism of the early twentieth century demanded the right to vote, and if second-wave feminism of the 1960s demanded equal economic opportunities and sexual self-determination; then, what are the demands that would propel a tidal wave of current feminisms? What could feminist theories of 'difference' offer a strategic need to unite demands?

This overarching question of strategy will motivate this night's gathering. Questions of domestic labor, social reproduction, and alternative structures of economic exchange will be put to use in trying to develop a praxis of difference and a critique of disparity. What can political economy learn from feminist critiques of phalocentric language? What is the role of negativity in juggling the anti-patriarchal position and an anti-capitalist one? Taking into consideration the tensions between demands for recognition and demands for redistribution, identity and class, we will ask ourselves and others: as feminists, what precisely are we working for?
So, if you want to work it, or you want to work for it, or want to work it out.....
come on out.

/ Dana, Jordan, Tia, MPA & NPBIAC

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