Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Next meeting Wednesday, March 31th, 2010, 7-9 pm - Dara Greenwald on School as Art‏

A warm welcome to the NPBIAC gathering on Wednesday, March 31th, 7-9 pm. We are proud to have Dara Greenwald as host for this meeting.

NPBIAC has invited Dara Greenwald to discuss some of the questions she has posted on the justseeds.org blog School as Art, around the current trend of the school form as artist project. On the blog she has listed a number of examples both to inspire but also to open a discussion on who these art projects serve and if they have oppositional possibilities or are just another venue for people with privilege to socialize with each other and engage in "knowledge production"?
What does this type of art practice say about the current conditions of both official education and/or art? These and more questions can be found on this blog post School as Art and will be raised during the meeting.

Reading: Liberation School for Women, author(s) unknown

Dara Greenwald is a media artist, writer, and researcher. Her current research is about collective cultural production and creative public action coming out of social movements.
More info: www.daragreenwald.com

This occasion is open to 20 participants and you need to RSVP to nobodyputsbabyinacorner2009@live.com to be able to join, please do so before March 29th at noon. (The reason for the early reply is that Dara has a text she would like to share with participants to preferably read before the meeting.)

Join us for another unforgettable evening!
NPBIAC/Dara, Johanna and Malin

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